Indonesia Tour Packages
Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world is home to more than 195 million people. Mainly Muslims — with substantial Christian, Hindu and Buddhist minorities. Indigenous tribes still exist in Borneo to Irian Jaya in Eastern Indonesia. The presence of their pagan ancestry can still be seen, heard and felt by those who dare to breach the tourist frontiers.

While much of Indonesia's allure lies in its rich cultural tapestry and untamed wilderness, its cities and resorts are also famed for world-class visitor facilities. Divers are a fast growing breed of special visitors to Indonesia's many shores.

Location: Indonesia is situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, between the continents of Asia and Australia. Its total land area is 1,905,443 square kilometers with over 80,000 kilometers of coastline.
Population: Over 195 million people live in Indonesia's 27 provinces. The population is made up of Malay, Polynesian, and 100 distinct ethnic groups.
Language: The official language is Bahasa Indonesia with numerous regional languages and dialects. English is widely understood particularly in Jakarta, Bali and other major cities.
Religion: Mainly Islam with some Hinduism, Buddhism and Christian areas.
Climate: Tropical equatorial with temperatures ranging between 21 and 33 degrees Centigrade. Average humidity is 60-90% and the rainfall is heaviest between November to February.

Time Zones: GMT + 7 hours (West), GMT + 8 hours (Central), GMT + 9 hours (East) Visas: Two months' entry visa free for tourists from major markets. All visitors must have passports valid for at least six months and proof of onward passage.
Indonesia Tour Packages
Code Package Name Package Inclusions Duration
PTID 01 Indonesia Tour 01 Bali 3Nights 3N / 4D
PTID 02 Indonesia Tour 02 Bali 4Nights 4N / 5D
PTID 03 Indonesia Tour 03 Bali 4Nights 4N / 5D
PTID 04 Indonesia Tour 04 Bandung 2 Nights + Jakarta 1Nights 3N / 4D
PTID 05 Indonesia Tour 05 Puncan 2 Nights + Bandung 1 Nights + Jakarta 2Nights 5N / 6D