Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala - a perfect destination for tourism,holidays,Honeymoon,art, culture, tradition,health care, yoga, ayurveda and meditation.Any mention about Kerala, conjures in ones mind, an image of pristine backwaters, palm fringed beaches, tranquil villages and greenery in profusion. God has generously bestowed this land with the bounties of nature and so it only seems natural when Kerala is referred to, as Gods own country. A much sought-after destination for tourists in India and abroad, Kerala is named as one of the Ten Paradises of the World and Fifty Places of a Lifetime by the National Geographic Traveler Magazine. The alluring serenity of this place leaves every tourist spell bound, making them come back year after year. Be it the sun-kissed beaches or the misty hill stations; the rhythmic backwaters or the forestlands rich with all varieties of flora and fauna; pilgrim centres or historic monuments; Kerala has everything you might travel far and wide to see. Just one visit and you will know why Kerala has the lovely epithets attached to it. So come over to this land that holds promises of leaving you mesmerized and gifting you one of the best holidays you have ever had…..

Kerala Tour Packages
Code Package Name Package Inclusions Duration
PTKL 01 Kerala Tour 01 01 Cochin+ 02 Munnar 3N / 4D
PTKL 02 Kerala Tour 02 2N Munnar + 1N Thekkady 3N / 4D
PTKL 03 Kerala Tour 03 2N Munnar + 1N Kumarakom/Alleppey 3N / 4D
PTKL 04 Kerala Tour 04 3N Munnar 3N / 4D
PTKL 05 Kerala Tour 05 01 Cochin+2N Munnar+01 Thekkady 4N / 5D
PTKL 06 Kerala Tour 06 2N Munnar+01 Thekkady+01 Kumarakom/Alleppey 4N / 5D
PTKL 07 Kerala Tour 07 3N Munnar+01 Kumarakoam/Alleppey 4N / 5D
PTKL 08 Kerala Tour 08 02N Kumarakoam + 02N Kovalam 4N / 5D
PTKL 09 Kerala Tour 09 02N Alleppey + 02N Kovalam 4N / 5D
PTKL 10 Kerala Tour 10 02 Alleppey+02 Poovar 4N / 5D
PTKL 11 Kerala Tour 11 02 Kumarakoam + 02 Poovar 4N / 5D
PTKL 12 Kerala Tour 12 1N Cochin+ 2N Munnar+ 1N Thekkady+1N Kumarakom/Alleppey 5N / 6D
PTKL 13 Kerala Tour 13 2N Munnar+ 1N Thekkady+2N Kumarakom 5N / 6D
PTKL 14 Kerala Tour 14 2N Munnar+ 1N Thekkady+2N Kumarakom/Alleppey 5N / 6D
PTKL 15 Kerala Tour 15 1N Cochin+ 2N Kumarakom+ 2N Kovalam 5N / 6D
PTKL 16 Kerala Tour 16 1N Cochin+ 2N Kumarakom+ 2N Poovar 5N / 6D
PTKL 17 Kerala Tour 17 1N Cochin+ 2N Alleppey+ 2N Kovalam 5N / 6D
PTKL 18 Kerala Tour 18 1N Cochin+ 2N Alleppey+ 2N Poovar 5N / 6D
PTKL 19 Kerala Tour 19 (Cochin- 2N Munnar + 1N Thekkaday +1N Alleppey+ 2N Kovalam) 6N / 7D